Free are the Brave

There’s been a significant shift in my manifestations in recent times. I had spent so many weeks in the waiting place of my life, that it was starting to feel like home. Life was happening but I wasn’t. I was begging the universe for results and coming up empty handed over and over. But the universe will only take you to the outskirts of where you want to go; you have to find the destination within and for yourself. All the universe was conspiring to tell me that the bricks of the path I followed were paved for someone else. There’s only so long that you can be passive in your life before you start to realise you’re dying. The universe wasn’t giving me what I wanted because I wasn’t doing what I wanted. It was time for me to get off the bench and start-over at the forefront of my life.

I left an institution that was a catalyst to my soul’s destruction. I evaluated and took action. I finally listened to the voice inside me and seen she had been crying out all along. I trusted her to take me wherever it was the universe was leading. And the thing is all the obstacles, all the complications, frustrations, and setbacks all dissolve when you decide to hold the power of your life in your palms. When you become an active participant in your life beautiful things unfold and you start to too. Life is a masterpiece but to truly live- that is art in it’s purest form. And honestly, loving myself enough to be brave and follow my spirit is day by day designing the life that were merely clouds in my head at that awkward, in-between.

There’s a common misconception between freedom and happiness. Everyone wants “happiness” but they’re unresolved in its meaning. There will always be happiness. We breathe it in daily. But just like the air we breathe in, it must also be exhaled. That doesn’t decrease its value. Freedom is the compilation of those moments to the point of complete fresh air. Freedom is being happy in the downcast and the knowledge that all will become right. Freedom is forgetting its Monday morning because it feels like Saturday night. Freedom is knowing yourself, loving yourself, trusting, and backing yourself. Freedom is jumping into life and understanding she has a trampoline waiting for you at the bottom.

Your life begins when you are bold enough to be brave in the execution.


The Beginning of New

Being a water sign, it’s hard for my eyes to not fill with emotion as I stand under the world ready for the beginning of the new orbit. This day overwhelms me and so it’s difficult to join the dots of my mind, to form a picture that makes sense. I’ve never had a ‘bad year’; and not in the way that all the moments that formed my 365 were all void of obstacles because the objects the universe left in the way of my path led me onto my true one, but since tuning in to the frequency of my soul, I have learned to deflect my focus to design the year; the life I desire. This year has taken me to a lot of places, a lot of thoughts I’m thankful for, and a lot of magic moments. But above all, it has taken me to a place, within myself, where I have listened to my spirit and am now fluent in the language it speaks. I have become attentive to the universe around me but also to the universe within me. And because of this awareness, my life is my new favourite colour. My life is the book I’ve been waiting to read. My soul is the pilot of the places I’ve been and the places I’ll go, the things I’ve done and all the things left to do.

There are countless people stumbling on, down the course they believe has been mapped out for them since childhood. The reality is, there is no map. We’re all just fumbling around, in a whirlwind of confusion, trying to find the ‘right’ way. Only when the exterior becomes a mumble in the distance and the voice on the inside is all that remains, will we get to where we’re meant to be; only then, will we be going the ‘right’ way. You need to hear your soul song, and sing it. Open your eye to the universe unfolding within you. And around you. Your thoughts are the paintbrushes that decorate your life’s canvas. And this year, this life can be so much more than a map. You can follow your self to a place, a place that remains undiscovered by any atlas. Follow your soul. Let the universes take you blindfolded into the unknown.


I hope this year you travel; travel into yourself so much that you become your favourite destination. I hope you learn a new language; the language that your soul speaks- and that you speak it so fluently and naturally that you never utter the words of the outside world. I hope you find love; find love in the all the parts of yourself that you never have before. I hope you find your soulmate; a soulmate in the universe and full faith that she will always take you to the the life you’re meant for. I hope your year is so full of transformation. I hope you are all happy and healthy with hearts brimming.

I hope this is the beginning of you.

Don’t watch where you’re Walking.

After those first few toddler-wobbles, our feet are quite reliable in their methodical movement. So don’t watch your walk; your feet will take you where you need to go without supervision. Don’t walk looking down. Because you will bump into things. But, principally, when you’re ground-watching you miss the sky, the trees; life and all the beauty layered within it. Things happen when you look up to life. Whether the sun’s glowing or the rain’s rinsing you skin, look up and see. See life. Life isn’t something that is done to us, it’s not a punishment or a chore. Life is happening to all of us; in 7 billion different ways. If that doesn’t make you feel alive, then you don’t understand the feeling. I know people that have lived fifty years and haven’t been alive for a minute of them.

There’s a distinction between looking up and looking forward. Looking forward is the easy part; we all do it. “Tomorrow I will go”, “in five years I will be”, “the day I die”. We live our lives as forward-facing lists. And we’re so obsessed with the terminal that the view on the way passes us by. I’m guilty too, I’m not saying I’m not. The foundation visions boards I made, had no vision. And I examine them from time to time, to reminisce, some things attained, some not even close. That’s besides the point, because I am so indebted to that which elapsed me- life knew what I needed and knew it wasn’t that- but the whole process of becoming and being was all born from this. I started to open my mind to the fact that when I open my mind to what life can be, it starts to be. This is what being alive feels like- it’s fire, and dancing, and art, and magic. It’s having vision to a new world that you once wore blinkers in. Life transcands what we want to cross off our list of forwards. When you look up, you notice the periphery. And sometimes the sidelines contain more life than the straight. Everyone is living different lives and all have individual guidelines of what that should be but no amount of guidelines and instructions can bring you the life you’re meant for. Many times, taking a moment to pause, right where you are, to look up can be ten times more advantageous than the steps taken to go forward. Plans can often be pencil not permanent.

Be alive, in every way and go where your soul leads you,

it always knows the way.

We Can be Heroes

Today my physical body is weak. But as I sit here wanting to rip my skin off and puffing on ventolin, struggling to breathe, I feel so blessed because today my mind isn’t struggling. Today my mind is healthy. Today, I’m not paralysed with the prospect of having a conversation. Today, I’m not pulling at the threads of myself until I unravel. Today is a day that the weights of my mind have been lifted and I feel strong. The mind is not solid but fluid- it can be strong one day and weak the next, it can be heavy or it can be a cloud of lightness. It digresses and flows through the meanders of the days our thoughts are our soulmates and the days they feel like a stranger. No mind is fully ill or well, as with the body it comes in phases. I have been broken by life. By people. Only when I was glued together with love did I know true healing. You’ve got to fill the cracks, dents and bruises of your mind with love, and joy, and peace and all those other emotions your bad days tell you don’t deserve. When you can’t see past the fog of your own mind, find solace in the fact that one day is not your reality, it is not your truth. One feeling doesn’t define you. You are not an illness. You don’t have to agree with that self-talk that lowers your vibration. You can be your own hero. You can lift yourself and free yourself from adversity. It doesn’t have to be any way you don’t want it to be.

You’ll have to fight life and you’ll have to fight the villains of your mind. The road feels long, and many times lonely but every moment you continue, every time you carry on is another demon you relinquish because you can’t be beaten. The paths we walk weren’t created in a world that’s just our own; they intertwine and connect with those of other wanderers and travellers. These people, on all the different paths of their own, are all humans like you. Never underestimate the power of humans. Never underestimate the power of humanity. Hellos can save lives. Smiles can save souls. The kindness and empathy of people is without bounds. There is always someone willing and eager to lift you when you can’t make the jump on your own. When we lift each other we can all rise together. Be someone’s hero. Save a life. Outstretch a hand to the ones who need it the most. Wrap people in the blanket of your kindness. Share love. Be light.

Mind your mind. Be kind to it. Be kind to all those around you.

We can all be heroes.



An alarm wasn’t set. There was no path carved in stone. Sometimes you need to forget the to-do list and just be. I knew I was going to open my eyes today and flow with the day; whatever came, I would let it. And I’m strolling down the road, watching the shades of my mind make art- I’m feeling good and thinking better. And of course I probably should have been a little more tuned into reality as I try to cross the road. A tiny step off the path after proceeding to the wrong green light and there’s a horn beeping and a man cursing. So, naturally, there’s a little part of myself consenting his curses as accurate. And then I have the moment. The moment I live for- that one second of transformation that you assess a situation and simply choose to disagree. Anything can change in a second.

That man, whoever he is, fell victim to the dynamic second. Yes, I was at fault but he let one second defeat him. He threw hate into the world and because of that he’s probably somewhere cursing the road for him being late, cursing the woman in a shop slowing him down, cursing the universe for this shit-show of a day he’s having. That’s not on me. That’s on him. He didn’t create the situation but he produced the reaction. Hate is magnetic and once it’s released, it will keep attracting forces to multiply, to intensify, to feed off you. When you go head to head with hate, not only will you lose but there will be no winners. The hate you emit in the atmosphere will be breathed in by someone in the proximity (like I could have today) and domino until the whole day has been poisoned, and eventually until a whole society is.

It never registers with us how casual and mainstream hate can become. It’s everywhere, disguised as ‘the way it is’. One of the sole reasons I have memories on Facebook is to look back on the person I was and be overcome with gratitude that I’m not there anymore. Every status, every update was another complaint with my life. There’s a reason the things, the feelings I hadn’t wanted kept resurfacing; I was throwing them at myself. The energy I was presenting to the universe was tainted and so everything the universe gave me, would be just that. I was so absorbed with hate that I forgot that falling in love with life is always an option. When you fall in love with the intricate details of your life, and the entirety of what you are, there isn’t much room for hate to occupy. I have grown away from hate. I have grown from love. I will not throw hate into a world that has more than enough. Instead I will always seek to be the colour in a black and white world. It doesn’t need to be hate vs love, or good vs evil, or you vs me, or us vs them. Making life a battle gives the negative an advantage. We’re all here, wherever here is for us, and instead of adding bricks to someone’s burden, just give love and be love. Change one thought everyday when that testing ‘one second moment’ materializes. Things can wrong in a second.

But they can also go very right.




Fearless or Fearing Less?

There are certain buzzwords that are catalysts for the soul. It ranges from the depth and preference of each soul but personally, ‘fearless’ kindles something in me. No matter what phase of life you’re following or leading, fearlessness should always be the incentive in creating your best self. Fear is so commonly misconstrued in society today. It’s not to be avoided but to be overcome. Telling a world that has grown from a foundation of fear not to feel it, is as futile as telling a lion not to bite. The thing with fear is it will never be totally absent; it clings to the atmosphere like a spirit with unfinished business. So yes feel your fear because you will never escape it if you don’t acknowledge it. Study it. Learn with it. Then, when you know all you can about it- stare at it. Stare at it until you’re not the one flinching. I’ve seen fear in the flesh, and I’ve given it the kiss of death. I’ll never not battle with fear but I refuse to lie down. I stand tall, taller than fear to be one step closer to fearlessness. Every decision, every road, every turn, twist and tangle of the unknown- fear will be waiting at the destination. I walk with fear but I lead. When you fear less you quieten the voice in your head, that unqualified voice, that tells you you’re not enough. (Spoiler alert: you are).

The difference between fearless and fear less is the little gap in between. And the difference between the fearless and those who fear less is the gap in where they have been and where they choose to go. The fearless have felt the most fear but have came the farthest. Those fearing less are the dreamers and the thinkers, the doers and those in progress. When we don’t allow fear to possess our bodies and feed on our soul, we will win. Always. Fear doesn’t have to be a monster unless you make it one. Master it or be mastered. Feel your fear but beautify it. Every time that doubt creeps in or that voice screams your insecurities, just know it is only a fractional burden of the greatness you can be. Every time a negative energy floats through your body, think how much prettier it would be if it was positive. Select and refine your thoughts, as you would when shopping until you leave only the truly beautiful. The brave are those who embrace the fear. The great are not those who do not fear, but those who use it as a ladder for where and who they want to be. And the beat-down and forgotten will be those fear dominates.

Be fearless in being the person you are.

People need People

I woke up this morning proud of myself; I woke up proud of my friends; I woke up proud of people I know only in name and not in spirit. The initial thought you have in the morning is the one that tells the universe what to serve you for the day. When you open your eyes, your mind, your heart to the possibility that life doesn’t need to be suffered, doesn’t need to be black and white, kaleidoscopic life starts really happening.  So many people are fixed in a bleached life, void of colour. This downfall is largely due to the distorted belief that we’re in this thing called life alone and that we must keep climbing, despite those we step on to get there. People need people. Bottom line. We don’t get to the top alone.

I’ve seen it so much lately- We’ve become such a destructive society that we’re all waiting with pitchforks at the ready to stab the confidence of others. It’s become an occasional occurrence to just be happy for others, that we’ve nearly forgotten how to do so. Life is not a competition, there isn’t a limited “good” reserved for a selected few. You can have all the success, all the happiness you want if you just ask for it- You don’t need to tear others down to get it. We wait so patiently for people to fail but never think of lifting them higher to prevent it happening. Instead of hoping for the arrival of someone else’s sadness, stop, and change your thought process to something that will bring you happiness. When all your thoughts are coated in ugliness for others, it  only highlights the ugliness in you. What you put out into the universe for others, is ultimately what you put out for yourself. So next time you’re about to judge, or insult, or deflate someone’s spirit just pause a moment and rewind. Rewind to the time before you became a person to stop being proud of. You should always be the version of yourself you want to show off to the world, and in an attempt to dim someone’s shine you move further away from that person. Think beautiful thoughts and magic will unfold for you. If you see something beautiful; let it be known. Compliment. Uplift.

Spread the shine, the light and the love. Because people need people to be anyone or do anything that matters.

Please Do Not Feed the Fears

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how many people have blocked the best moments of their life from manifesting, because they feared straying too far from the pack. We like the idea of extraordinary… within bounds, within ordinance. The single greatest thing that keeps us stuck in ordinary is the fear we have of looking stupid. Validation is the craze that kills us; we incessantly seek out others to tell us how beautiful our flowers are but what we show them is a photocopy of one garden. Each person has an energy, an energy that encompasses all that they are, but so many don’t show it. I’ve come to know my energy (as much as a person can) and the thing is, I know it is fresh and it is raw but only about three people has my energy revealed itself to. I don’t bring my energy to play; it just watches from the sidelines as I partake in conversations I don’t want to be having, with people I don’t want to talk to because I fear who I am and who I might become. I put myself in environments that my soul will never grow from. Our energy is the only thing that won’t belong to anybody else, but instead of allowing it flourish; we blanket it. We conceal the most magic parts of us because we fear looking stupid, and it holds us back. My God, does it hold us back!

Think about the people we remember and why we do so. The people that impact us have done so because they let us feel their energy. Free are those who wear the colour of their energy boldly. We’re all trying so hard to be someone who everybody likes that we don’t even know ourselves well enough to like us. It’s everywhere- thinking of catchy captions instead of the words we want to say, agreeing with someone when we know they are wrong, hesitating from saying hi to a stranger in the street for fear of what they might think, and the list goes on and on. We’ve become caged bears to the opinions of others.  If you give them the power to be, fears will be the parasites that leave you weak, as they grow strong. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We don’t have to exist in fear. We don’t need to be stuck, if we don’t want to be. Other people’s opinions really don’t matter that much. The world doesn’t have to be dark. Your energy must not be masked.

Get to know yourself- become your energy. Wear your energy boldly, proudly, profoundly to become the you-est and greatest version of you. And when you feel fear’s hand on your chest, pushing you back, simply move it out of the way and tell it you disagree. Say what you want to say. Talk to who you want to talk to. Disagree with the masses, if it is what you believe. Say hi to strangers. Smile at life. Smile at yourself and become what you are. And please, never, ever feed the fears.




Leave the map at home

How many times have you walked on a completely straight path? I’m going to jump right in, and say never. And for any smart ass out there who wants to argue with me, how long did it last? Because if something is only straight, lacking all curves and contours, then one of two things will occur; you will reach an abrupt halt, or you will walk that path for the rest of forever and never reach a destination. The thing with destinations is that they need to be reached- or so we have been led to believe. But what happens when we get there? For the mass, an overwhelming everything and two minutes later; an overwhelming nothing. We’ve made it, we’re here, and what the hell now?

The paths we walk weren’t marked with rulers. They will never take us from a to z. But what the world fails to tell us in forming the obsession with destination, is that z isn’t the destination. And what z means to me might only be a to you. The extent of your life spiraling is exactly parallel to the extent you try to map it. There is nothing to be found in a map, other than the lost version of yourself. Leave your map at home, scribble over your plans- breathe in the unknown. Life will hold you by the hand and take you places- place you neither dreamed nor wanted to go, places where sometimes you’ll stagger and stumble and even fall- but you just need to give your hand without reluctance. When you walk down an unknown path, in unison with life, many a time you’ll be adapting to each twist and turn, without the knowledge of doing so.

Life is clumsy and forgetful and things will always go wrong. But like all straight roads, all turns, too, must end. If you’re going through a turn that wasn’t in your “plan”, and while it may be unsettling, just walk on to the next turn- because these turns might take you to the exact point you’re meant to be. Don’t connect the dots on your life, moving from one end of the line to the next. This is not to disregard all plans and go be a carefree hippie in the forest (as much I really really would love to) but yeah of course, have goals. And smash them. Just remember life will have more for you when you embrace the unforeseen and the unimaginable. Your path wasn’t made to be straight so put away the measuring tape. Just walk on. Because when you stop looking at where your feet are going, your eyes and your heart will witness some incredible views along the way.


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