Please Do Not Feed the Fears

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how many people have blocked the best moments of their life from manifesting, because they feared straying too far from the pack. We like the idea of extraordinary… within bounds, within ordinance. The single greatest thing that keeps us stuck in ordinary is the fear we have of looking stupid. Validation is the craze that kills us; we incessantly seek out others to tell us how beautiful our flowers are but what we show them is a photocopy of one garden. Each person has an energy, an energy that encompasses all that they are, but so many don’t show it. I’ve come to know my energy (as much as a person can) and the thing is, I know it is fresh and it is raw but only about three people has my energy revealed itself to. I don’t bring my energy to play; it just watches from the sidelines as I partake in conversations I don’t want to be having, with people I don’t want to talk to because I fear who I am and who I might become. I put myself in environments that my soul will never grow from. Our energy is the only thing that won’t belong to anybody else, but instead of allowing it flourish; we blanket it. We conceal the most magic parts of us because we fear looking stupid, and it holds us back. My God, does it hold us back!

Think about the people we remember and why we do so. The people that impact us have done so because they let us feel their energy. Free are those who wear the colour of their energy boldly. We’re all trying so hard to be someone who everybody likes that we don’t even know ourselves well enough to like us. It’s everywhere- thinking of catchy captions instead of the words we want to say, agreeing with someone when we know they are wrong, hesitating from saying hi to a stranger in the street for fear of what they might think, and the list goes on and on. We’ve become caged bears to the opinions of others.  If you give them the power to be, fears will be the parasites that leave you weak, as they grow strong. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We don’t have to exist in fear. We don’t need to be stuck, if we don’t want to be. Other people’s opinions really don’t matter that much. The world doesn’t have to be dark. Your energy must not be masked.

Get to know yourself- become your energy. Wear your energy boldly, proudly, profoundly to become the you-est and greatest version of you. And when you feel fear’s hand on your chest, pushing you back, simply move it out of the way and tell it you disagree. Say what you want to say. Talk to who you want to talk to. Disagree with the masses, if it is what you believe. Say hi to strangers. Smile at life. Smile at yourself and become what you are. And please, never, ever feed the fears.




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