Don’t watch where you’re Walking.

After those first few toddler-wobbles, our feet are quite reliable in their methodical movement. So don’t watch your walk; your feet will take you where you need to go without supervision. Don’t walk looking down. Because you will bump into things. But, principally, when you’re ground-watching you miss the sky, the trees; life and all the beauty layered within it. Things happen when you look up to life. Whether the sun’s glowing or the rain’s rinsing you skin, look up and see. See life. Life isn’t something that is done to us, it’s not a punishment or a chore. Life is happening to all of us; in 7 billion different ways. If that doesn’t make you feel alive, then you don’t understand the feeling. I know people that have lived fifty years and haven’t been alive for a minute of them.

There’s a distinction between looking up and looking forward. Looking forward is the easy part; we all do it. “Tomorrow I will go”, “in five years I will be”, “the day I die”. We live our lives as forward-facing lists. And we’re so obsessed with the terminal that the view on the way passes us by. I’m guilty too, I’m not saying I’m not. The foundation visions boards I made, had no vision. And I examine them from time to time, to reminisce, some things attained, some not even close. That’s besides the point, because I am so indebted to that which elapsed me- life knew what I needed and knew it wasn’t that- but the whole process of becoming and being was all born from this. I started to open my mind to the fact that when I open my mind to what life can be, it starts to be. This is what being alive feels like- it’s fire, and dancing, and art, and magic. It’s having vision to a new world that you once wore blinkers in. Life transcands what we want to cross off our list of forwards. When you look up, you notice the periphery. And sometimes the sidelines contain more life than the straight. Everyone is living different lives and all have individual guidelines of what that should be but no amount of guidelines and instructions can bring you the life you’re meant for. Many times, taking a moment to pause, right where you are, to look up can be ten times more advantageous than the steps taken to go forward. Plans can often be pencil not permanent.

Be alive, in every way and go where your soul leads you,

it always knows the way.

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