Leave the map at home

How many times have you walked on a completely straight path? I’m going to jump right in, and say never. And for any smart ass out there who wants to argue with me, how long did it last? Because if something is only straight, lacking all curves and contours, then one of two things will occur; you will reach an abrupt halt, or you will walk that path for the rest of forever and never reach a destination. The thing with destinations is that they need to be reached- or so we have been led to believe. But what happens when we get there? For the mass, an overwhelming everything and two minutes later; an overwhelming nothing. We’ve made it, we’re here, and what the hell now?

The paths we walk weren’t marked with rulers. They will never take us from a to z. But what the world fails to tell us in forming the obsession with destination, is that z isn’t the destination. And what z means to me might only be a to you. The extent of your life spiraling is exactly parallel to the extent you try to map it. There is nothing to be found in a map, other than the lost version of yourself. Leave your map at home, scribble over your plans- breathe in the unknown. Life will hold you by the hand and take you places- place you neither dreamed nor wanted to go, places where sometimes you’ll stagger and stumble and even fall- but you just need to give your hand without reluctance. When you walk down an unknown path, in unison with life, many a time you’ll be adapting to each twist and turn, without the knowledge of doing so.

Life is clumsy and forgetful and things will always go wrong. But like all straight roads, all turns, too, must end. If you’re going through a turn that wasn’t in your “plan”, and while it may be unsettling, just walk on to the next turn- because these turns might take you to the exact point you’re meant to be. Don’t connect the dots on your life, moving from one end of the line to the next. This is not to disregard all plans and go be a carefree hippie in the forest (as much I really really would love to) but yeah of course, have goals. And smash them. Just remember life will have more for you when you embrace the unforeseen and the unimaginable. Your path wasn’t made to be straight so put away the measuring tape. Just walk on. Because when you stop looking at where your feet are going, your eyes and your heart will witness some incredible views along the way.


We weren’t old then, sure look at us now.

When does old begin?

When does the whisper of death, that was once a haze in the distance, become a scream a few inches from your face?

This isn’t as morbid as it sounds (I promise), it’s actually quite positive, if you stick with me.

There are a few colossal themes that dictate our obsessions and anxieties; death, money; time. Quite basically- it all comes down to numbers; the number of days left, the location of the zero-before or after- the other numbers in an account, number of minutes in a day, number of days in a life. We’ve become so accustomed to counting that we’re actually rather good at it. But where the struggle seeps in is the actually making days count. Time flies and it rolls onto the next but it never just happens. We post throwbacks longer than we spent living and enjoying the moment we were in. We tirelessly fantasize the future, without ever sculpting it from the present. We’re not so good at the here and now. There always needs to be a larger thought process in which we are in the middle of.

What is the actual point of photos? And, who are they for? I, personally, hoard photos and every single time that little “your storage is full” bullshit message pops up I can’t bear to part with the photos that are looked at, less than three times in any given month. The moment loses value, the moment reliving takes priority over living. You can’t relive life and if you do it properly, you shouldn’t need to.

My nanny inspired this thought earlier when we were sharing stories and laughs. Talking about the ‘old days’ and she said “we weren’t old then, sure look at us now”. And it hit home for me because you never know when your time of putting dents in the dance-floor, becomes your time of watching from the sidelines. They didn’t have phones- and they didn’t need them… They were living. And the reliving is only possible because the living was.

The message of this is not anti-phone (as we are the scrolling thumb generation) but pro-live and predominately, pro-living-well. Don’t spend your time, as doing so presumes the immediate relinquishing of it. But soak up your time. Soak in every second and Continue reading “We weren’t old then, sure look at us now.”

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