With Repeal, we Rise.

Let’s face the reality; coins will always be two-sided. As many things seem in this world; “right” and “wrong”, yes or no. But life is seven billion sided. No two eyes have experienced the same shade of life, no two minds can perceive things on the same level. My right is so many people’s wrong.  At current, I am not a prisoner to my mind (and have not been since I heard the voice of my soul) and I am so privileged that that allows me to encounter life as an open jar. The glass is always half full, the grass is only greener where I water it. I am unrestricted in my mind; I am free. But freedom is nothing if you can’t hold keys to other’s handcuffs and chains. What’s been in my mind, doing spirals at the forefront, for the last few months is a topic that sets me alight because I am so filled with passion in relation to it but is also a topic of great sensitivity. If you are incapable of stretching your mind, even temporarily, to see life outside the box and realise that your right may actually be wrong, I ask you to please click the little x on your screen, forget you visited and scroll aimlessly through social media.

Ireland, the beautiful little island I call home, is war-torn at the moment because people have altering views of right and wrong. People are battling over yes or no on whether or not Irish women should have the right to a safe, legal abortion. See the thing with right and wrong is that never means the same thing to two people. I believe in a lot of things (angels, aliens you name it) but above all I believe in the power of people and the power of unity. I believe it only causes one person for a chain reaction; you can stand up and actively be the change. In my hippie mentality I just think if you tune into the frequency of your soul it will tell you what to do, it will lead you to the place you need to be, whether that’s an abortion clinic or a single parent support group. For most things I have the attitude of “if you want something do it, if you don’t, don’t” but abortion isn’t something that anyone actually wants. It’s not something little girls learn about and think I can’t wait to be a grown up and have an abortion. Mainly, because it’s not talked about and the taboo of women being the leading participants in their own lives is a stale taste in the mouths of the narrow-minded. But also, because we are so busy teaching girls the need to be mothers that we misplace them as humans. People with needs, people with goals. We don’t need to be someone’s to be someone.

I’m not slating anyone who chooses the “traditional” route of marriage and kids. If it’s for you then that’s great and I’m so happy for you. But if being a bad ass career woman is for you then cool, let that be for you.And if balancing both is for you then amazing. I’m not pro-abortion, I’m not. But I am so pro-living; living the life you design and for some people two lines on a stick is the biggest obstruction of that. Some people aren’t made to be parents and sometimes it’s just not the right time. How many children are stuck in misery because they didn’t ask to be born and their parents didn’t want them to be? How many teen suicides have been caused because of the absence of parental love? Your parents have the capacity to destroy you more than anything in this world. Child neglect and abuse is something that everyone likes to think doesn’t happen but just like abortion, it does.

Nobody is voting yes to have “unrestricted abortions” as the propaganda of the pro-lifers would mislead you to believe. All the women in the country aren’t going to stop taking the pill and tell their sexual partners to just stop wearing condoms. Society has taken colossal strides forward and in this day and age, I would like to give our powerful women and people more credit than that. It is a last resort but we need to repeal so that women can be supported and aided medically and emotionally by their own country and not shamed and shipped off to somewhere else. Just because it’s not happening here doesn’t mean it’s not happening. It means that the people a no will affect the most are the vulnerable; the poor, the young, the victims and the ill. As much as you might oppose abortion it has always and will always happen. The successful woman, climbing the career ladder, who just isn’t ready or who had the wrong partner will still access an abortion if that is what she decides because she can. The petrified fifteen year old with no income and no support, however, can’t because her country has failed her and made her another statistic of underage mothers. Abortion happens and we don’t want it to be the normal thing, we don’t want unrestricted abortions. We want women making a decision for their own life, no matter what their circumstance, to have the right to safety and support in their time of need. We’re not voting for abortions on demand; they will still need to payed for but it just removes the added expense of flights, accommodation and hassle for a woman cast-away by her country.

It’s 2018 and we need to stop living in the past. Religion doesn’t have the grasp of the people it once used to. Boys kiss boys now. Women take charge. Girls play with trucks and boys play with barbies. We care about things, and we should. We should be getting passionate, we should be standing up projecting our voices. We should be rebelling and revolutionizing. We should be making the change. All across the world women are being told how to be a woman and what that means. You are not less if you don’t have children. You are not less if abortion is required for your situation. You are not less because you are a women and it’s about time we open the minds of the trapped. You are less if you choose to be misled, misinformed or remain oblivious. Educate yourself. There is an endless list of information to avail of online (one particularly great website for distinguishing facts from myth is abortionrightscampaign.ie). Please don’t lay back and watch the ill-informed tell us what we need.

On the 22nd of May 2015 Ireland was on the right side of history when they made same sex marriage legal. On the 28th of March 2018 they were on the wrong side of history when they shamed a woman, who was a victim, using her voice. Whatever your views on right and wrong, you cannot deny that allowing someone the right to choose their life is the right thing to do. On the 25th of May 2018 please be on the right side and make so many proud to call this place home. Lets spread unity and support over fear and hate. Let’s show the citizens of this country that we care. Let’s show them they are not somebody else’s problem but just someone who needs our help. Please make the informed decision to repeal, you might just save a life.

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